Lush Massage Bar Review

I am a complete novice when it comes to Lush products, but I headed into the store in Landmark Mall in search of massage oil. Upon questioning the very helpful lady in the shop, she told me they only stocked massage bars.
Intrigued, she took me over to the stand that stocked the bars, I had previously assumed it was soap. She started rubbing them between her hands, as with heat, she explained become a collation of massage butters and essential oils! Having a go myself, they in all honesty didn't seem to heat up at all! But as I was in a rush I opted to take 'Tender Is The Night' (a blend of vanilla, jasmine & ylang ylang) and be on my way. 
Once I got home I realised I had actually been packaged with two bars (not for the price of one, might I add! Said lady not so helpful at all...tut tut) and also received 'Pearl' (how very fitting) which is a blend of argan & rose oils.
'Tender Is The Night'
Anyway it must have been my cold hands in the store, because as soon as I started rubbing the bar, the oils came into play and I was pleasantly surprised to find how easily the bar melted; they were great, much smoother than lotion and they don't leave any messy, runny oil to contend with. The bars left the skin silky smooth and the fragrances relaxed and relieved tension! What's not to like?

Check out Lush's range of Massage Bars here.

Much love,
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  1. Any nasty additives in them? quite like the idea of these!

    1. everything is made from natural organic products in lush. They were really lovely, I'd buy them again. And they're against animal testing! Win win!


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