Ipanema Flip Flop {Wish List}

You see me rollin'.... in my heels usually, and I say rolling, not only because I have the Chamillionaire song stuck in my head, but because I can't actually walk in heels very well at all! So when the sun is shining and my summer holidays are booked, it makes a nice change to stock up on sensible shoes that I CAN actually walk in!
 Like most others I turn to Havianna for all my flip flopping needs; that was until EtailPR shone the light that led me to discover Ipanema Flip Flops. Ipanema, sell surprisingly similar products for a fraction of the price, I cannot believe how great the value is! And with the added promotion at the moment, buy three get free postage, let's be honest, it would be rude not to stock up! With the BTGFP (buy three get free postage!) offer in mind, here is my wish list!

My first choice from Ipanema has to be these feminine beauties Ipanema Glam II for £26.00, they're also available in black as well as brown/gold. I love the sparkles, which can add some glam to any outfit as well as the cross over strap. A great alternative for the tan lines on your feet!
Let's face it... this is never attractive!
{image source: Etsy}
Hmmmmm..... Let's move on!!!
Next up it has to be the Festival Sandal, which are a total bargain at £20.00, don't they look comfy? I really like the idea of a flip flop that will stay attached to your foot. Perfect for beach wear, or indeed festivals as the name implies! The design on the front reminds me of metallic tattoos that are very in for the summer season! Love, Love Love! These also come in a variety of colours Black, White & Rose Gold.
And finally on my list for today are these incredibly adorable Ipanema Applique flip flops. How cute are these? Not sure I would rock the owl attachment, but you would definitely catch me sporting the bow and the heart. Think jelly shoes when sporting the bow & a la Vivienne Westwood when attaching the heart! So on trend!! CUTE CUTE CUTE and you too can add these to your collection for only £23, also available in various colours!
Make sure you visit the Ipanema home page to also check out their kidz & mens ranges! There is so much choice, I doubt you will leave with an empty basket!
Much love,
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