A Certain Flare

I am absolutely in love with flares at the moment, although I've had a few strange looks from male work colleagues whilst writing this, these pants really do have a certain flair... so who's to care, if I wear, my favourite pair.... okay okay I'll stop! 
Feast your eyes on some of my faves that I've spotted (out there)!!
These Fleetwood Bells in Vintage Lace by Spell & The Gypsy Collective from Hunter & Gatherer's are perfect for holidays, probably not so appropriate for gallivanting around City Centre Mall! If you'd prefer a cheaper alternative, check out ASOS for some very similar pants.

You can always count of the Gypsy Collective for some Boho vibes, and these flares are a perfect example of how to embrace the bohemian in you!
Topshop have a selection of jean flares, these are my fave of the selection they have!
Absolustely love the print on these beauties from ASOS.
Annoyingly I've only just bought a pin stripe jumpsuit, otherwise I would be all over this little beauty from Nasty Gal! Is it too much to have two pinstripe low cut wide leg jumpsuits?
Another pair of beautiful Birkin High Rise flared jeans from The Iconic.

And finally my personal favourite of the lot..... This jumpsuit from Rat & Boa
What are your thoughts on the 70's vibe?
Much love,
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  1. You would totally suit that final flared number Harriet, please tell me you've bought it!x

    1. Gosh that was some quick posting Holly haha! I might do as I've noticed it's gone on sale since I last spotted it! Just wondering if it's long enough though as I know the model for R&B is tiney tiny! <3

  2. I love this trend! Nice post

  3. Thanks Pauli. I love it too, just wondering if I can actually pull it off in Qatar!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment xx


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