Kimono's by P&P

 I have recently launched my line of custom kimonos on our Facebook page. I have a special introductory offer on at the moment, so you can bag yours for only QR150.
Here are a sample of the colours/styles I have right now, so head on over to our page if you're interested. I am also able to ship to various countries! 
These are the colours that I have in the 'Paisley' design. I also have a nude, pale pink & cream on order!

These are the colour that I have in the 'Roses' design. 


and finally I have the 'Lilly' design. I only have this in B&W but if you're interested in any other colours, I can see if I can get the fabric! Let me know! :)

  Much love,
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  1. THESE ARE AMAZING. how much are they retailing at? plus I've nominated you two for creative blogger's award Natalie's

    1. Thanks lovely, I'm selling them for £30 at the moment, check out our FB page for more details on how to order one :)

      Thanks for the nomination too, I'll head on over to check it out now <3 xx

  2. ow, these kimonos look amazing, well done!! xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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