For the Love of Piercings

By now, you will know that I love a good Ear Piercing! In fact I do like a piercing in general, but for me as the ears are easily concealed they make the most sense to me.  So you can imagine my overwhelming joy when I was sent some freebies courtesy of Body Jewellery Shop.
Upon opening my package, I was greeted by not one set of goodies, but three different selections* to sample!  So thank you very much!

I haven't found any studs that I have liked for a long time, but these little gems* from the Body Jewellery Shop are right up my street, they are perfect for every day wear, as well as elegantly jazzing up a look for a night out. I haven't had them out of my ears yet! The heart shape of the studs sums my love for them perfectly!
Triple Foward Helix

I may have mentioned before about my NEED to gain a triple forward helix, living in Qatar is almost next to impossible to find a piercer, so I've only managed to have two of the required piercings so far. Pretty soon I will be using Body Jewellery Shop for my final labret.
One more to go!
 On my right ear, I usually wear a labret in my tragus, so it was a bit of a change for me to try a steel ball closure ring*. I think I would prefer the ring in a helix position as it was a little large for the tragus. I did however also receive a heart labret stud*, so will be favouring this until I get another piercing for the closure ring.
heart labret stud
I would highly recommend using this site to order your piercing products, their prices are excellent, really quick delivery and they have a huge selection of samples available.
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Much love,
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  1. wow i really like the triple forward helix. When are you going to get the final one? Lovely earrings too. I don't have anything pierced though so this is useless for me ha! Becky

    1. Ah really? It's rare you don't find anyone with piercings! Haha well I guess this post is pretty pointless for you babe. But thanks for reading anyway hunni x


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