Brunch: The Grill

This weekend, Pearl & Peach were invited to the James Bond themed brunch at The Grill in The Grand Hyatt Hotel.  We both had a fabulous time, enjoying excellent food, the odd cheeky beverage, great company and the animated bustling atmosphere.
This is a brunch that Helen has never been to, but Harriet has done previously on one occasion a few years ago, and oh how it has changed! Kudos to The Grand Hyatt team; they have done a sensational job at turning an average brunch (by that we mean, as average as a 5* hotel brunch could possibly be) into something very very special. 
We had heard about these themed brunches and were very excited to learn that this weekend was no exception.  We discovered the theme only the night before, so with no planning into our outfits we were not able to go in full costume.  Although we did get out our little dresses for the occasion!
Harriet, Chef Shaun & Helen
We arrived at our table to find our serviettes had been transformed into a tux, and were promptly served our water. It did take a while to get the other beverages sorted, but as the brunch was so busy and our waiter "Oddjob" (the waiters were given names from the Bond movies, we're not being rude!) was run off his feet, we were able to look beyond this.  The beverages on offer; red & white wine, sparkling white & rosé and Heineken.

To fit in with the theme of the afternoon, a fabulous singer entertained the clientele singing James Bond theme tunes! Towards the end of the brunch the atmosphere changed to "party mode" and everyone was up to dance, and got involved in the hilarities of the moment!
Singer of the afternoon
The selection of food was fantastic and we were delighted to see there was even a BBQ selection on offer, something that we have never witnessed at a brunch previously.  We can honestly say this is the first brunch we have attended, that we actually got our moneys worth in food not just drink!!
Sushi Station
Seafood Selection
The seafood section was lovely and fresh and the sushi was being prepared at the station throughout the day.
  Whilst queuing up for Quiche, Harriet heard the comments "best quiche in Doha".... That's a lie! It is actually the best quiche she has EVER had! It was absolutely fantastic, worth the money just for a plate of quiche or...three, or five? In fact just give us a whole load of quiche in a take away box, we will finish them off later!
Best Quiche EVERRRR
Randomly there was a grilled cheese section, but when in Rome.... eat a grilled cheese sandwich?
Grilled Cheese Toasties
We do love a good roast dinner at a brunch, the meat was tender, juicy and cooked to perfection, the veggies also very tasty!  And one thing we miss terribly from home, a good Yorkshire Pudding, loaded with gravy! Even the green beans were delicious! Heaven!
Roast Dinner Section
Fabulous BBQ Station in the gardens
Moving on to our favourite section.... you know us by now surely!  Dessert!

Ice Cream Station
Think of anything in the world you would like to see dipped in chocolate.... it is available here! There were even chocolate bars to dip in the chocolate. Chocolate on chocolate! Lady fingers, marshmallows, dates, fruit... YUM!
Chocolate Fountain
We didn't try this as our dresses were already getting very tight, but we can only imagine it is a profiterole tower?

There were hundreds of cakes and pots of goodies to try at the dessert station,  including an extremely delicious cheesecake! All in all the food was excellent! And we left with very full bellies! 

For all the parents out there....the brunch was very child friendly, with a movie station set up as well as a bouncy castle!  There was even a kids only buffet set up in the gardens, featuring some kiddy classics, nuggets & chips, among others. Most importantly though.... a candy floss and popcorn station! We had a few confused faces whilst inhaling some candy floss!  It really appeared to be a brunch that was enjoyable for children, there was lots for them to do to keep entertained, which also meant there was not a peep out of a single child.

Candy Floss & Pop Corn Station
With the themed brunches at the Grand Hyatt, make sure you get involved and dress up to be in with a chance of winning a prize!  Harriet was very lucky to have been picked to win "Miss Bond Girl", so a massive thank you to the team at the GH!  There are some excellent prizes up for grabs!

Booking recommended: Yes
Telephone: 4448 1240  | Website
Location: Westbay

To sum up, this brunch is an absolute must must must! There were so many different aspects of the day, that made us turn to each other and say "this is an amazing brunch!" From the theme of the day, to the food, the entertainment, the staff, everything was just brilliant! 

If you haven't been before.... Book in for next weekend or for your next special occasion! 
Much love, 

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  1. I'm actually thinking about which brunch to book for my birthday this month. Perhaps I will give this one a try! Thanks for the tips

  2. I was at this brunch too. I really liked your dress. Congrats on the award :)


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