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Three years later, I finally get involved.. This is not unlike me, if I hear a series is "really good" I'm always a bit skeptical and presume the people who are watching, are avid Sci-Fi fans or live in a virtual world of TV. However on many occasions, when I give in and give a new show a go, I am proven wrong and realise they are watching them for a good reason!
American Horror Story was recommended to me last month by a close friend and it's safe to say, I have not stopped watching it. In bed, in the bath, in the kitchen whilst cooking. I cannot leave it alone! 
American Horror Story (AHS) is an anthology series that focuses on different characters and plots in each season; such as a haunted house, an asylum, a witches coven and a freak show. So far there are three complete series and fourth has just begun! 
So far I have watched Season one and Season three, as each series features a new plot it is easy to pick up and follow wherever. Each season is very different but still has twisted, gory and callus undertones.  
Season one had me en-captured from the beginning when spooky happenings begin to unveil at the Harmon House hold; the family discover the murderous past of the house's history and get caught into a twisted plot. 
Infidelity is definitely a theme throughout, with Husband Ben played by Dylan McDermott (who is a real chore to watch...not ) being unfaithful, through to some real unexpected turns in the story. Constance (Jessica Lange) adds real eerie value to the season, now living next door, her solemn and creepy past has more to do with the Harman's future than they thought. 
This is no doubt a series for adults, expect scary murder scenes, blood and gore with just the right amount of raunchiness and sex to keep your attention! 
The Murder House - Season 1
For some strange reason I missed Season two and got stuck into Season three - The Coven. The witches tale has a deeper theme of oppression. After the Salem Witch trials, the rare few surviving witches are taught at a boarding school in New Orleans. This seasons follows the complicated relationships of the Salem witches pushed together through minority, but all struggling to stay united with their ulterior motives. From bitching to murder, these girls will keep you on your toes.
The student witches from the Coven sit with Teacher Cordelia (in the centre)
As this skips between present time, the 1970's and 1850's, it touches on some raw subjects such as racism. The season features Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) who is an immortal brutal socialite murderer from the 1800s. She is very much racist and between the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) and Queenie who are African American - lets just say they get there revenge on the Villain. 
Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau - Season 3

The wardrobe and styling throughout is really impressive and the budget is clearly high! I'm not sure if it stems from my 'Sabrina the teenage witch' days or what...but I loved the witchy theme of Season three!

So why not get stuck in! I am looking forward to see what Season two, four and five have to offer. 

*Warning- You may find this show addictive*

If you can handle a bit of a scare, American Horror Story will not disappoint! 

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  1. Season 2 started really boring so I didn't watch it :) but season 1+3 are amazing! x
    Ana Céline Labod


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