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If like me the humid summer conditions take the toll on your skin, you are not alone! It is proven that the heat can cause your pores to block! I personally never imagined this to be the case as I thought the UV rays would create a healthy glow.. but no no no! If you working girls like Harriet and I at Pearl & Peach, getting in the sun even in the cooler months isn't easy! 

After a boat party the other evening, getting hot, with makeup on my skin took a turn for the worse. So I have invested in a new skin care range! 

After a friends recommendation I have returned to using Clinique after years apart! There 1 2 3, 3 Step System is tailored to suit your skin! An easy mistake to make is by thinking just because you are prone to a break out, doesn't mean you have oily or acne skin! By using a skin care system that is too drying on what may be combination or dry skin all ready can have the reverse effect. 

I found a great quiz that determines your skin type on cliniques website . Click onto '3 Step' then 'Skin Diagnostics' ;. This will help if you order online, or just handy to know (even when picking makeup)!

Liquid Facial Soap - Clinique
CLEANSE-My skin is combination/oily so skin type '3' in the world of Clinique. I had the choice between the acne facial wash and the liquid facial soap. I went for the liquid facial soap as my breakouts are only from time to time. This is a foaming, gel like formula. I like to use it in the shower with a hot face cloth to give the skin a good clean! 

Clarifying lotion -Type 3

EXFOLIATE- This is a liquid that is applied to cotton wool and swept over the face. It will remove any cleanser left on the face and then gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean!

MOISTERISE- I ended up with 2 here as my skin is combination but still by looking at me sometimes could well think its oily/acne skin. I went for the 'Dramatically different moisturising gel' and the 'All over clearing treatment'. After exfoliating the face I target my blemished areas such as my forehead with the acne solution gel and massage the moisturising gel into the rest of my face and neck. 

This is a new routine for me but after being recommended by a friend who said it transformed her skin forever, I am going to stick it out and hope this is my solution! - Ill keep you posted. 

One last tip is when you have a nasty spot I like to pop a bit of sudocrem on to it over night-  so many friends recommend this and I have to say the nappy rash cream works a treat! 

Let me know if any one has any success stories or know any skincare products they love!
 Much love,
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