Spotted: Summer 2014

So.....Pearl & Peach have been a bit slack with the Spotted month pages over the holidays, so here are our favourite looks throughout the summer combined.

You may remember we blogged about the Adidas/Farm collaboration for the World Cup...Bex was spotted at Secret Garden Party in the UK, wearing an amazing Adidas Farm two piece. Love Love Love this outfit.  Ali can be seen wearing Polo Ralph Lauren swim shorts, teamed with.... not a lot else!
Bex & Ali at Secret Garden Party
 Jenni wore a lovely pink and cream Lipsy dress for her babas christening in August. She teamed it with a bright blazer for the occasion. Clearly in this pic she has taken it off. Amelie's christening dress is absolutely beautiful as well! Completely adorable! <3
Jenni, baby Amelie & Dan
  Helen teamed a signature crop top with a Neon Rose shirt, Harriet is wearing a Ragged Priest crop top with a luminoire choker taking us back to the 90s.
Helen & Harriet at Belgian Bar
Megan, Lisa & Rachel look lovely on the night of Lisa's Hen do.  Megan can be seen in a two piece, not too dissimilar from She Sophie's collection. 
Megan, Lisa & Rachel
Sammy & Sarah look absolutely stunning at their prom this summer.  We are really crushing on Sarah's one shoulder chiffon gown. It is so different to anything else we've seen this summer, it really make a statement. 
Sammy & Sarah at their Prom
Holly looks amazing, as usual,. whilst at home in this lovely jumpsuit.  We are loving the cross-cutout front detail. 
You may have heard about the secret cinema in the UK this summer. We spotted many people on the tube heading there, dressed in their 50's gear. Lyndsey looks lovely, and has styled her hair perfectly for the occasion. She looks fabulous.
Lyndsey heading to Secret Cinema
Jimmy was spotted in North Carolina wearing a black Le Coq Sportif sweater, Gap shorts & Burberry runners. 
Jimmy in North Carolina

These three girls are amazingly dressed for Bekis birthday, They are all so on trend. Harriette is wearing folded front skorts, Becki is in an amazing midi scuba skirt and Alison is in Palazzo pants. Love love love!
Harriette, Beki, Alison

Aoife (left) the little stunner looks amazing in her zebra bodycon dress for Michelles hen party.

 Ladies who brunch look fabulous, what better way to celebrate a birthday and get dressed up. These ladies look fab to celebrate Sally's birthday. 
Carolina, Sally, Maeve, Sammi, Maeve, Tenneka
Who said fancy dress was over... Strata has featured a few themed nights recently. This crowd looked fab for Bex's birthday.
Fancy dress at Strata... Richard, Tenneka, Helen & Bex
I love this over-sized coat by Pink Soda that Rachel was wearing whilst on her travels this summer. 
Steven & Rachel
These girls both look lovely in their bright patterned dresses. Loving the chokers and Rio's bumbag, perfect for a festival or rave.
Olivia & Rio
Alexandra looks fabulous is this mesh maxi
Alexandra in her mesh maxi <3
Gill and Alex look amazing for Gills birthday this month at Admirals.
Gill & Alex

Don't forget to send in your favourite outfits of September, no matter where you are in the world, to feature here next month. #selfiepearlandpeach, send us an email, or track us down in the desert!
Much love,
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  4. Really love Alexandras mesh maxi... do you know where she got it from by any chance? Thanks :) Love your blog by the way! Can't wait to see Septembers.


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