Reading: Until you're mine

After being recommended this book by my step mum Sue, I simply couldn't wait to start reading. I'm  partial to a good thriller and unless a book gets me hooked from the first page, unfortunately I will never finish it. This book was definitely one I couldn't put down until I finished it which was around a week!

The blurb:

"Claudia seems to have the perfect life.
She's heavily pregnant with a much wanted baby, she has a loving husband, and a beautiful home.
And then Zoe steps into her life. Zoe has come to help Claudia when her baby arrives.
But there's something about Zoe that Claudia doesn't like. Or trust.
And when she finds Zoe in her room going through her most personal possesions, Claudia's anxiety turns to real fear ..."

What I say.. This book is twisted and will keep you guessing until the end. Its a great read and very chilling. It is written from three strands and covers everything so you will have no niggling loose ends to tie up after reading. It is fantastically written and I will keep my eyes open for another Samantha Hayes book in the future! 

                                                                    RATING: ♥♥♥

Hope you enjoy if you decide to download or buy let me know! 

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