Lay down the Foundations

See my top 3 tips on that flawless face! 

So my first tip, is something I used to be so skeptical about throughout my training at makeup college.I used to be so excited to crack on with creating my look on my model that I would sometimes forget to prime the skin! Until recently in my own makeup routine I have started to use a primer daily! And honestly I now see why all the makeup artists do this! .. I will show you my two personal primers, but a makeup artist friend told me when I was asking about what primers she likes to work with that - "The best base is beautiful skin"! I couldn't agree more and that starts with a religious skin care routine - Check my Clinique skin care routine out here! 

Mac Prep + Prime - Skin base primer.
I use MAC prep and prime under my foundation. I will moisturise my skin and then wait for that to soak in and dry and then apply the primer all over my face. I love this one as it has a slight sparkle to it! 

After attending 'The Clothes Show' in year before last, I was in awe of the benefit stand! They know what there doing in terms of luring in young girls, who are a sucker for pretty colours and amazing packaging. Their products don't disappoint either! I tried 'the pore-fessional' Balm primer that claims to reduce the visability of pores.. and it works wonders! I loved it and have used it ever since! It glides on and really makes a difference.  I only use this on my T-zone! 

In general as long as your skin is moisturised, it isn't illegal not to prime first haha! I would however strongly recommend it if you want you foundation to stay in place all through the working day or to the end of the night! Give it a go! 

Once you find the right foundation makeup brush you will not regret it! Foundation looks almost airbrushed and it saves soo much time! Start with a clean moisturised and primed face and put a small amount of liquid foundation onto the brush and lightly get into all the nooks and crannies! 

I love the kabuki thick brushes, my favourite brand is 'Sigma'. I browse their range on the website and get shipped into Qatar via amazon. Sigma has a wide range of kabuki synthetic brushes in different sizes and shapes to suit your face. I love the flat angled kabuki F88 brush as its perfect for the hard to get to areas. 

Sigma F88 - retails £17 105QAR

I then dab and blend some concealer on my blemishes using either Simga f75 or MAC 195. I also contour the areas of my face i like highlighting with this brush using a paler concealer to my skin tone. 

MAC 195 
Sigma F75

Once I have finished my foundation application and added contour, highlight and blush I like to blend it in using a 'Duo Fibre' brush.Duo fibre has softer bristles underneath and synthetic fibres on top. When I first used this brush I was amazed! It blends everything in making sure there are no harsh lines. Its also great cream products such as blush or creamy highlighters! I also love to apply my foundation with a bigger 'Duo Fibre' brush as its so quick! 

Get a quick airbrushed foundation with the Sigma F50 Duo Fibre
MAC 184 - Removes excess product and blends!
Finish any look with a powder to set the look for stay all day power! I use a loose translucent powder with a big fluffy brush!
Bobbi Brown Powder brush

I have focused alot on MAC brushes as they are available easily in Doha. The Airport is a cheaper place to buy them. I do love my Sigma set so much and find it is a very affordable option. Luxury brands such as Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Dior etc have lovely brushes if you have the money to splurge! 

If your not really into your makeup and still apply your foundation with your fingers, I can promise one simple brush can change your FACE! 

My last quick tip is to set makeup with a powder. This is one I know a lot of people will do, especially if they have a more oily skin tone! My tip would not to use a too pigmented powder for setting your makeup look in place. When you have applied a full face of foundation, the last thing your face needs is a whole new layer on powder foundation on top of it. By using a sheer/translucent powder, it will mean you get the setting power with out the powdery overkill of a heavy foundation look!  
Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder
This MAC one is pigment free but is sure to keep your makeup well in place! 

Ben Nye Luxury Powder- Goes and long way! 
These are my go to powders! The Banana has got a lot of hype around it when Kim Kardashians makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic said he gives it the seal of approval and uses it to set the paler highlight in Kims contoured look! 

I hope these tips help! 

Much love,
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