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This summer I'm loving simple looks jazzed up with lots of beautiful accessories. The indie look with piles of bracelets, a simple statement necklace or even a bindie! Hats count as accessorising and im a big fan of a summer hat, to keep those rays off and look super cute! 

Be bold like Solange Knowles with a beaded neckace!

TOPSHOP- Topshop have a great range and its here in Doha aswell (Villagio Mall) . Those of you who bank outside of Qatar or who have a Qatari credit card can take advantage of online shopping. Topshop have free international delivery over £100 if you fancy splashing out! 

Folk Pattern Woven Choker SetPrice  £8.50 (55QAR)  
Multi Row Beaded Necklace Price  £10 (60QAR)   
Semi Precious Tusk Necklace
 £10 (60QAR)
  Leaf Row NecklacePrice £17.50 (110 QAR)
Eclectic Pastel Flower
Price £10 (60QAR)

WAISTE- Waiste in there own words are "Handpicked Bohemian Vintage". Pearl and Peach love this cute online store! Its worth a check -

Angels Tears Necklace
Price  £20 (120QAR)

Turquoise OM Tusk Pendant Necklace
Price £20 (120QAR) 

Stack up the rings like Mary-Kate Olsen

BLACK SHEEP BOUTIQUE-  showcases a range of the most magical, spritual and bohomian jewellery. I love the chokers but the rings are perfect for the in season indie boho look that we are ing!

Ranging from £6-£8 (40-80QAR)
NASTY GAL- Nasty gal is one of my fave US sights for browsing on lunch breaks and I can always find things I want. Its great for clothing but I find it even better (and affordable) for cute accessories such as jewellery and even things like phone cases! They also ship world wide!

Peace of the Puzzle ring set £8.85 (55QAR)

Traveller ring pack £16.51 (102QAR)

Rock a floppy hat like Kate Hudson! 
RIVER ISLAND- River Islands online collection is great. I checked their hat collection out as they ship to Qatar and was pleasantly surprised! The shop in Doha (Villagio) is hit and miss but a lot more expensive then the online store. I go in to try things on then get on the website to order! They only had a couple of hats in the store last week but online there are lots! 
River Island Hats- Ranging from £16-£25

Get your bindi(s) on like Vanessa Hudgens!

CLAIRES - Claires accessories is somewhere I wouldnt usually venture being a child/teen shop but it definitely has some hidden beauties. I think the Hindu bindis are beautiful and represent the third eye, the area between the eyebrow where the attention is focused during in meditation. I love how Vanessa's makeup artist has put jewels along her eyebrows aswell. If a bindi isnt for you some gems by the eyes are a lovely touch for a dressed up occasion! 

Claires online for  £3.50 (22 QAR)

Especially if you are Qatar based there are lots of stores that stock bindis such as ones in the souq and shops like 'Fitwell' (by TV Roundabout in Bin Mamoud area). If you live in other countries Sari shops will stock a lovely range! 

Hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Nice accesories! Loved every piece!


    1. Thanks Fleur. We had to stock up on accessories this summer! Absolutely addicted! Love your blog! Avid reader xx


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