Pearly Whites

Recently we have both been asked separately how we get our pearly whites so gleaming!  There are a couple of methods that we use to encourage a nice healthy looking set of pegs!
The first method that we tried worked wonders and very quickly, but when used too often it does start to effect the sensitivity and the enamel. But if you are in need of a quick fix, log onto Strips R Us and get yourself a pack of Crest Whitening Supreme Professional Strips.  They will set you back £59.95 (QR370) for 42 but we highly recommend these - they have been a life saver, and are worth every penny.
They come as two thin strips, a long piece for the top rack of teeth, and a shorter one for the bottom. Wipe your teeth dry and stick the strip down.  Wash your hands straight away as they tend to bleach your fingers if you get any of the product on your hands. You may notice that your gums also get a bit bleached, so try to avoid the gum area.  If you find that difficult - fear not, the colour will return in an hour or two! Use them for between 15 - 30 mins everyday until you have the desired brightness, then use them 1 - 2 times a week. Amazon also sell these strips.
Another method actually protects your teeth rather than damaging them.  We mainly use this method now, occasionally using the strips for an added boost.

   We came across the method of oil pulling whilst on our daily blog reading. Oil pulling involves swishing around coconut oil in your mouth daily for up to 20 mins. Seems easy enough right?....  And with the added health benefits it claims to have, we had nothing to lose by giving it a go. 

At room temp coconut oil is solid, so grab yourself a teaspoon, and pop a healthy size into your mouth and start chewing!
Your body temperature soon heats up the oil and you'll be able to swish it around. Now be warned! 20 mins is a long time to have liquid in your mouth, we have found it easiest to do this whilst getting ready in the morning, (this is meant to be done on an empty stomach for the added health benefits) so by the time you've finished showering and getting changed you're ready to spit!

This method does come with a couple of rules:
1. Don't swallow
2. Don't spit it down the drain - use a bin

Oil pulling draws out bacteria and toxins from your mouth, meaning less overal toxins in your body, and doing this religiously is meant to improve your skin, reduce migraines, clear sinuses and increase energy levels, just to name just a few! But for the purpose of this blog, most importantly....give you a pearly white smile

You can buy coconut oil from many supermarkets or online. If you're in Qatar, head on down to Megamart, and if you do get bored of pulling you can always use the left over oil for cooking! 
Let us know how you get on, or any tips you may have!
Much love,
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