Watching: The Theory of Everything

After a long 12 hour shift, I came home last night, ready to relax in front of the TV, preferably watching something majorly light hearted, something I was able to fall asleep to (my standard method of film watching as of late) but instead I was told 
We're all watching 'The Theory of Everything'
not my usual type of film I have to admit, and I actually hadn't heard much about it at all. In all honesty I was kind of wishing I had escaped watching it after rejecting it from the option list the past few times. I kept my phone close by, with every intention of not watching anything of the film, as I assumed it would be all physics based and I wouldn't understand it. But within the first 2 minutes I was hooked.
  The film was an emotional roller-coaster,  educational and thought provoking. A definite must watch and that is coming from a person who thought they were going to hate it. There was not a dry eye in the room.
I could not believe how well Eddie Rehmayne re-created Hawking, he was unbelievable, and without a doubt 100% deserved his Oscar.
The film starts at Cambridge University where a young Steven and Jane meet and shows them falling in love, it follows them on their journey giving us an insight into the family coping and coming to terms with the onset of Hawkins motor neuron disease all the while Steven's brain continues to work in such sheer genius ways! 

It's very emotional to see such a humourous, intelligent man and his loving family go through what they have gone through and the film does the tale such justice. Plus you might learn a bit too. Probably me being completely ignorant... But who knew he was English? There is a part that explains why you'd assume he was American! 

Also... I had an analogy whilst he was explaining how a black hole works.. You can skip this paragraph if you like, I'm just thinking out loud. He explains how a black hole sucks everything in, and then the density causes the hole to explode. My theory is... If the universe was created by the 'Big Bang', suppose the Big Bang came from a black hole. What if there was a whole other universe before our 'big bang' in which a black hole sucked everything in. Therefore time could have existed before time as we know it! Get it? A bit too much for this early morning read?

So anyway... if like me, this film was on your 'swerve list' Id definitely give it another thought. Have you seen any of the other films that were up for an Oscar nomination?

Much love,
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  1. aw darling! bless you having to have a 12 hour shift that's rough :( When this was made I couldn't help but think why was this not done before! Such an inspiration film x

    1. Ahh I can't moan about the shifts too much, I only work a 7 day fortnight!

      It was made last year, up for the Oscar's this year. Not sure if they have done a film about his life before, I know there have been documentaries & BBC dramas, although I've never seen any of them. x

  2. I need to watch this film! I've heard so much about it, lovely post! x

    1. I 100% recommend it hun, such a great film! x

  3. Saw this on the plane and shed a tear or two!! Brilliant film!x

    1. awww haha bless you balling on the plane! I've done this a few times! Not embarrassing at all! ;) xx


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