The Very Inspirational Blogger Award

I have been meaning to get this done for a couple of weeks now, but as I had an emergency trip back to the UK I have been off the radar until a few days back.  Since then I have been catching up on my reading list on bloglovin' and attempting to power through my writers block (which is proving challenging) after the stressful few weeks gone by.  Well what better way to get the creative juices flowing than to promote the lovely ladies that I follow. 
I would like to start by thanking Natalie for the award and although I cannot nominate her back, she would definitely be on my list if I could!
So here are the rules:
1. Thank the Person who nominated you in your award post and link to their blog
2. List the Award Rules, so that your nominees know what to do
3. State 7 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 bloggers that particularly inspire you
5. Contact your Nominees and provide a link to your post 
My random facts:
1. I'm one of those annoying people who says "I like all movies and all types of music!"
2. I have massive social anxiety and it can come across rude, but I'm not I promise I'm just shy!
3. When I am addicted to a series, my life goes on hold until I'm caught up
4. I own 60 pairs of shoes but only ever wear 3-4 pairs of them
5. I'm a canoe & kayak expert
6. I love boring nights in on the sofa with my favourite person 
7. Tarot knows all. I'm a bit weird and believe in all things spiritual
Inspirational blogs I follow:
1. Holly the Blonde
2. Western Wild
3. Fashion Lush
4. Lady Sadie's Emporium
5. Clumsy Chic
6. Fashion Squad
7. From Amber's View
8. Dream Days
9. Cuticle Beautiful
10.The Greek Pinay
11. Ambers Beauty Talk
12. Sparkle and Shoes
13. Fashion Toast
14. Anna Alina
15. Beyond the Velvet
Thank you for reading and I hope you've found some other great people to follow.  I find these type of posts helpful to discover exciting new people to follow, but don't feel obliged to do the same type of post if I have nominated you.  Have you got anyone for me and my readers to nosey at?  Please leave yours and others links in the comments! x
Much love,
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  1. Thank you very much Harriet for the nomination. :) you're such a sweetheart. xxx

    1. No worries at all - I really enjoy reading your blog, so want others to see it :) x

  2. Thank you for the nomination my lovely :) so sweet. Love your random facts - canoe expert?! As always, totally relate to Numero Deux! Hope to see you soon xx

    1. no worries :) seems it has been one of my post viewed pages, I should do more of these haha! The canoe point should actually say "I did a crash course when I was in primary school, and then blagged I was an expert for camp America so I could work in the sun all summer long!" xx

  3. Thank you so much for including me! What a great idea and now I know what I'll be posting about today! Xoxo

    1. No worries at all. I found some more fab reads from your post x

  4. 60 pairs of shoes, wow! Thank you so much, by the way!

    1. no worries hun, haha there abouts :) x

  5. I would love to be able to kayak! it looks so much fun! xxx

    KirstyLeighx// Bloglovin

    1. I really enjoy it, I haven't done it in so long! You should definitely do it at some point. :) x

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you for the nomination :) found some great reads on your post x


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