BB Wish List (Deathly Hallows Necklace)

Beginning Boutique is one of my absolute fave online clothes stores, I always find it hard to shop around this time of year due to all the sales, and winter clothes that crowd the stores, so I tend to turn to Oz brands in the winter.
I realise I've just told you that it was one of my fave clothes stores and yet my wish list doesn't feature any clothes. That is because I wanted to show you, some of the awesome products they sell.  Plus I am sure I will bombard you with clothes I've brought from there in the future!
1. The Beach Perople Round Towel
Ok I am obsessed with this little beauty, I have actually added this to my order, and I cannot wait to flaunt it off at the beach! Not only does it work wonderfully on the beach, but it would also make a great picnic mat to use in places like MIA & Aspire Park! It was not cheap however costing $99
2. Lakota Dream Catcher
I love talking about dreams, I find them so interesting, I won't scare you all away with my weird and wonderful rants about life and the universe (just yet) but this dream catcher is right up my street. It brings back so many memories of my childhood and I would absolutely love to bring them back into my life.  Not sure how the BF would feel with me cluttering the room with what I'm sure he considers nonsense!
3. Quay Invader Sunglasses
@shanaxoo featured similar glasses to these in one of her vlogs and they were sold out within minutes, I think they are great to add a bit of character to standard design specs
4. Sunnylife Inflatable Flamingo
 OMG... can we take a moment to appreciate this please?  I can't wait to slink myself off my round towel straight into the pool and lay around on my pink flamingo! All I need then is a cocktail, an over sized hat, an immense tan and a yappy dog to come and chill on my flamingo with me!
5. Deathly Hallows Choker
My poor choker collection has made a dive since the summer, but I think it is about time I bring it back - and how better to do that, than with this Harry Potter themed necklace! Geeeeek Alert!
6. LimeCrime Velventines Lips, Cashmere.
Another find thanks to @shanaxoo, this shade is absolutely perfect and the velvetty finish is really unique. I love all things lips and so I am desperate to try this out. I will however have to wait a while as its all sold out!
Note: I would also like to point out that BB does ship to Qatar directly, and the team there are wonderful, they promptly emailed me suggesting I upgrade to DHL once I had placed my order, so that I can have guaranteed delivery. I am sure we have all had nightmares with the postal system! I needn't say more!

  Have you tried out BB?
Much love,
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