Valentine Belladonna Beauty (Melt)

Are you doing anything this Valentines day and fancy adding a bit of 'festive' colour into your appearance? Pearl & Peach has got all the tips you need, with all products available in Qatar!

Adding colour to the lips is not for everyone, me however - I love a vibrant lip and these colours are perfect for an evening plan, without scaring anyone away!

 1. M.A.C: Ruby Woo QR100
This is my favourite red lippy, it has a matte finish and is very long lasting.  I don't wear liner with all lipsticks, but with this I do; in order to prevent bleeding. M.A.C have a variety of lip liners suitable, I opt for Cherry or Redd.
2.Delilah Colour Intense: Stilletto QR135
Available from delilahcosmetics, this pinky tone will give the perfect 'kiss me' look this valentines day.
3. Dolce & Gabbana: Real Red QR186
I am keen to try D&G lipsticks, I have heard great things, this limited edition 'real red' might be the prefect way to start my collection. Have you tired their lipsticks before?
4. M.A.C: Good Kisser QR100
You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick in my opinion, I find that some brands have a plasticy smell or taste that gives me a headache, I've NEVER had that with a MAC lipstick. I'd be very keen to try this colour, but I already have soooo many bright pinks I need to work through before I buy any more!
5. Topshop: All About Me QR45
I haven't actually seen a makeup selection in the Qatar Topshop store, but their products are always available for delivery. This pink has a great orangey undertone that I love.  I find Topshop's lipstick to have a great coverage, and a lot of their products are surprisingly good, so well worth a try, if you haven't already!

Note: with such a bright lip avoid kissing in public to avoid a big ol' face smudge! Of course in Qatar, avoid kissing in public in general!

Fancy a bit of a pampering session before your hot date? Run yourself a steamy bath and throw in any of lush's bath bombs,  rub yourself down with their divine smelling soaps and prepare you lips with a bit of an exfoliation.

1. Heart throb Bath Bomb QR40
 Not much to say about these products except - look how pretty they are! It's actually a shame to dissolve them in water! I do love the smell of the Lush store, and have enjoyed bath bombs from there previously.
2. The Kiss Lip Scrub
 I am keen to try this lip exfoliator, it comes in a little pot and you apply it like a lip balm. My lips do get quite dry as I wear a lot of matte lipsticks, so it's worth pointing out; a cheaper way of exfoliating your lips is to gently rub over them with an old wet toothbrush and apply Vaseline or a lipblam to finish.
3. Cupids Love Soap QR42.50 per 100g
 A cute gift, or treat yourself to this luscious soap bar, again it is a shame to use such a lovely looking product.
4. Lonely Heart Bubble Bar QR38
Another bubble bomb for the bath, use the scents and oils that are released to relax before the big night!

You will see that I post A LOT about Melt cosmetics, I have yet to try the eye shadows as I'm not that adventurous with eyes, but their lipsticks are HEAVEN! I love how long lasting they are, and the matte finish is brilliant. I do however find them a little drying, so don't forgot to moisturise and exfoliate! You can find these Melt products on Beautepop for same day delivery in Qatar, or order them from the official Melt website.

1. Love Sick Eye Pallet QR350 or $48
As I said, I have yet to try the eye pallets, but I have heard great things. The colours look strong and very defined. If you are adventurous with your eyes and fancy giving it a go, let me know how you get on. #pearlandpeach your photos on instagram.
2. Belladonna QR150 or $19
This red looks very similar to Ruby Woo, and I cannot wait to order it from beautepop for V. Day. Try try try Melt if you haven't already, you won't regret it!
3. Stupid Love QR150 or $19
I am a proud owner of Stupid Love, the coverage is thick and wonderful, the colour lasts ages, I might go as far as saying all day! A little tricky to remove the colour in one wash however!
Stay tuned for some outfit tips and perhaps some venue ideas for the big date! And as always don't forget to #pearlandpeach to let us know what you've opted for!

Much love,
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  1. I love MAC lipsticks and especially love Ruby Woo. We don't tend to make a big deal about Valentine's Day but will probably go out for dinner somewhere x

    1. Ah me too, I cannot get enough of them! 😍 ours was very low key as well, hope you had a lovely meal xx

  2. You can rock a bright lip like no other, H! I'm not brave enough to wear any of these shades but they look fab x

    1. I was the same for ages, but you could definately pull it off! 😘 it's lovely to hear you think I can pull it off though haha, I always spend half the night worrying if it's roamed all over my face! 🙈 xx

  3. Hey beauties, your lips are looking lush! I've nominated both of you for the very inspirational bloggers award, check it out at my blog Natalie's xx

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thank you honey, sorry I'm a bit late getting back to you, I've been away for a few weeks. I'll check it out now xx


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