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Image Credit: Four Seasons Doha
Saturday was a day I was very much looking forward to.  I had seen a blogging for beginners workshop advertised on my FB events page hosted by BloggingME, and I roped in Holly the Blonde the come along with me.  We both arrived a little nervous, but soon settled in, met some amazing people and had a wonderful time. 
The workshop was run by two very successful bloggers in Qatar, Sarah of Lady Sadie's Emporium and Kirsty of 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle, where we all learnt a great deal of how to improve our blogs, so stay tuned (I'm still working on the points!)
The event was hosted by The Four Seasons here in Doha, and they did a wonderful job of keeping us fed and hydrated, Mia, the marketing manger then gave us a tour of one of the suites, might I add that it was the same suite that David Beckham stayed in whilst he was here! What else do a group of sophisticated intelligent ladies do when we discover we are the the same room, right next to the bed Mr. Beckham slept in?..... Why we all jump on it at once of course!
The suite was absolutely amazing, if you are rolling in cash and have a spare QR5k, you could sleep in the very same bed as Mr. B yourself, and also wear the very comfy robes we are all sporting!  We were all very spoilt and were gifted a robe of our very own and let me tell you - it is heaven! So much so, it didn't stay mine very long once I brought it home! Check out sleeping beauty in the below pic!
As you can see the robe didn't stay mine long once I got home
Upon being forced to leave the hotel suite, we were escorted down to Il Tretro where we were met by more delicious food, courtesy of the very talented Chef Marco and his team, as well as free-flowing bubbles.  During this meet and great session I was able to meet lots of Qatar based bloggers, it was great to put 'real' faces behind well known blogs and in some cases discover some absolutely fabulous new reads!
The only full body pic I got - Sorry for the quality! Body: ASOS | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Mango
Me & Holly

Image Courtesy of Four Seasons Doha: Rosalyn, Me, Kirsten & Holly
Thanks for making it such a great session ladies!
Much love,
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  1. Such a super day! Great post and fab pics :) x

    1. It really was a lovely day wasn't it. Have you used your prize yet? x


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