Qatar Chronicles: February

This is the first of my 'Qatar Chronicles' series, I shall attempt to do it every month so you all know what I've been up to.  Looking back over February, it actually appears a bit more exciting than I can recall. 
I started the month with such ambition, having just attended the bloggingME workshop and was ready and raring to go as you can tell by my first picture!

I started the month feeling very lethargic despite my urge to get more involved in the blog. I felt like I needed some rest and lots of TV time after a busy few weeks.  Then came some family news that allowed me to do just that. Next thing I knew, I was on the next plane bound for the UK, ready for some emotional times. 

I was lucky enough that the boyf was able to come back with me at such short notice, and we got to spend some quality time together cuddled miserably on the sofa, watching lots of 'Take me Out' in an attempt to cheer me up. We also took lots of Winter walks in the country and spent a day down in Brighton with his mama to visit his brother at uni. 

Now I know the Sound of Music isn't for everyone, but if you're a female (or my dad) in the Aspden household, it will be one of your favourite films (although when asked you'll come up with something much more cool), well luck would have it that the singalong version was playing whilst I was down south and with Ali's mum being partial to it herself; we had a 'mother & daughter in-lawish' bonding session singing our hearts out! I bet she wished she had taken some earplugs sat next to my delightful sounds resembling a cat being strangled!

It was Valentines day whilst we were away and in another attempt to cheer me up, we took a trip up north to see my brother and visit my best friend. The Friday night we met up with Elliot & his girlfriend in Manchester in the Bakerie for dinner, which I would highly recommend and then visited a few bars in the Northern Quarter, until a messy night ended up in Canal Street. I have no photos of the Friday unfortunately, but as I wasn't planning on it being a social visit to the UK, I had a fashion faux-par and wore the same outfit the following night! A different location though you will be pleased to hear. On Saturday it was a couple of couples night for us in Liverpool. My bestie Jenni, her fiancĂ© Dan, Ali & I headed to Albert Dock. It was my first experience of this part of Liverpool, but the bars we visited were lovely and it ended up being a really brilliant night! 

 Do you follow Qatar Street Style on Insta?  Whilst I was away I was picked to win a pair of sunglasses! Not all bad news this month!

Another highlight of my month would have to be the Oscars, I absolutely love Red Carpet events, purely for the outfits! I love having a nosey at what people are wearing, its also useful inspo for ball dresses for the season. Have a read of my fave dresses here

I Heart Ginger

I had a lovely dinner date with Samantha in Jones the Grocer, oh how I had missed the Chicken Cous-Cous there. This is just a snap shot of a Ginger hot chocolate! Nom Nom

Another love of mine is animals. It kills me that my kitties weren't happy in an apartment and I had to re-home them, it also kills me seeing so many abandoned animals here in Qatar. (Perhaps I should stop following so many rescue shelters on Facebook) Animal shelters as you may know, are swamped and over-crowded. When I first moved to Qatar, I lived so close to Qaws that I used to go and help walk the dogs.  I have not been for years, but me and my housemate Bexy, took a trip there to help out on Friday afternoon. It is heartbreaking leaving without an animal and after walking the dogs, having to put them back in a cage, but it was lovely to see so many volunteers at the shelter helping to tend to the animals.  

As the weather is heating up ever so slightly, I went to use the pool facilities for the first time for sunbathing, turns out, it was still a bit chilly actually!

And finally my month finished as it started; pure laziness, however I did do a bit of decorating! 

How was your February?

Much love,
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  1. Sorry to hear you had some family issues to deal with, I hope you're feeling ok now x

    1. thank you huni, feeling much better now thank you. Had a mini break to the UAE over the weekend and had some more family time which helped x

  2. Your apartment looks beautiful! When I buy a home in the UK can you come and help me pick out furniture?!x

    1. Ah thank you bbe! haha absolutely I can try! I love buying home things, I cannot go to a mall without buying something from The One now. What has happened to me? #middleaged x


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