Spa: Four Seasons Doha

 As it was my boyfriends birthday on Wednesday I booked a surprise massage at the Four Seasons Spa. I didn't intend on writing a review, but it was absolutely amazing, so I felt I had to share the experience with you all. 
We were greeted in the spa reception by name and escorted down into the lift, where we filled in some forms and sipped on a small glass of ginger & lemon grass. One of the staff came over and knowing it was Ali's birthday sung a lovely but very awkward "happy birthday" rendition. The reception area was wonderful in itself, and featured water fountains setting a very tranquil ambiance. I had booked us both an 1.5 hr massage of our choice, which we picked on arrival, and opted for the couples VIP suite for an additional cost.  
Jacuzzi area lit with candles
I had absolutely no idea how lovely the suite would be and as we walked in we saw the beds and floor were covered in rose petals. The room was amazing and for a special treat I would definitely recommend. As we arrived a little early we were able to use the room for half an hour before the massage, the facilities included; a steam room, intimate jacuzzi and a Swiss shower room. There was also a seating area to order room service. Only thing lacking, that would have topped the occasion, was a glass a bubbles! 
Swiss Shower Facilities
We changed into our disposable pants (which by the way are the comfiest pants EVER! For a girl that is, they aren't very forgiving to a gentleman's 'area') and our gowns, then headed over to the beds for a Balinese massage. Which was 90 minutes of pure bliss. We then had access to the room for another half hour, we continued to relax in the bubbles of the jacuzzi. 
Ali in the Jacuzzi
We felt feeling amazingly relaxed, so much so that I did not pay attention whilst parking and backed my car into a wall! As if my pockets weren't strained enough
An experience we both thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend for those romantic special occasions! 
Much love,
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