Express Lunch: Opal

I usually end up going to the same places for lunch, Casper & Gambinis or Jones the Grocer, all very delicious choices I have to say, but today Ali and I thought we might try something a little different and we took ourselves over to the St. Regis for a business lunch.
Many of the hotels have these deals, for a three course express lunch, you're looking to pay anything from around QR60-100. Which really is a good deal considering usually that wouldn't normally cover a main dish in these high end restaurants. 
We had our heart set on Opal by Gordon Ramsey and opted to sit outside as it was quite a nice day. The staff were really lovely and very attentive considering the restaurant was fairly busy, our glasses were never empty, and the food promptly situated itself in front of us.
Both Ali and I chose the prawns to start, which were A-mazing, I didn't realise they were going to be battered, but perhaps I didn't read the menu properly. Anyway I wasn't disappointed with them, they were juicy, tender, and were flavoured with chilli, a little bit of ginger & spring onion.
The pair of us are really too similar; as we both then opted for the chicken.  I was a little disappointed with the mains selection, there was a veggie dish, a catch of the day or chicken with roasted potatoes. The chicken was succulent and the potatoes were also very nice, I just expected something a little more adventurous! 
Tasty bit a little boring
Who orders fruit for desert?  Well I probably should have done, and perhaps I will let you think I did? But no... Ali went for the healthy option of a fruit salad with sorbet, and I chose to be rolled out the restaurant and ordered bread and butter pudding!  It was soooo delicious!! Not just bread and butter pudding, it was Gordon Ramsey's chocolate infused, light and fluffy packed with raisons bread and butter pudding! DE-LISH!

We finished our meal off with a coffee, whilst looking onto a wedding photography session on the connecting gardens, paid our QR300 and left feel very full and very satisfied!
Not my favourite express lunch I've been to, but one well worth checking out if you're in the area!  Also a cheaper way of treating yourself to a Gordon Ramsey meal! 
Much love,
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    1. If you ever find yourself in Qatar for a transfer flight you'll have to pop in :) x


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