Qatar Masters 2015

So it is that time of year again when the Expats of Qatar head towards the lack of sand and over to the golf course to, for the most part, pretend to be interested in golf.
We like most others did just that, it is a great day, whether you are interested in golf or not, we didn't actually watch any, but spent the day in the sun, eating, drinking, socialising and blowing plastic balloons. 
The event goes on for about 4 days, and on the Friday is usually accompanied by a performance, this year we were all set to be singing along to "red red winnnnnne", the only song we actually knew by UB40, but with the news of the Late Saudi King, the performance was cancelled. 
Never the less, it was a great day, so next year get involved!
Playsuit: Pepper Mayo | Lipstick: M.A.C Snow Orchid A13 

Much love,
 photo harrietsign_zps4db3c583.png
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  1. Love that playsuit!

    1. Thanks hunni! I did a little DIY on it to cut off the sleeves. x


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