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 One of the hardest things I found about moving to Qatar, is that fact that most of my usual daily essentials are either difficult to find, or damn right impossible!  It has taken a while, with a few errors along the way.
 After all it is an easy mistake to assume body wash and moisturiser comes without skin bleach!
Here are a few of my daily essentials that are easily accessible in the desert. 
1. Ok... so I literally CANNOT find Dry Shampoo anywhere!  I tried Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo recently, from Feel Unique, which I really liked. It comes in a multitude of colours for all hair types, which means no more talc heads! Best of all, Feel Unique delivers a lot of products to Qatar, that other sites won't! Check them out for more great health and beauty products.
2. I start the day with Pink grapefruit Nutrogena face wash.  I have suffered with terrible skin for as long as I can remember, and having a lack of my usual acne free face cream Quinoderm, Neutrogena seems to have saved my life. My blackhead encrusted nose is now a thing of the past! **blerk** Added bonus: the refreshing fragrance does wonders with waking me up in the mornings! (Available is most supermarkets)
3. With the summer approaching there will soon be no need for fake tan, especially instant, which you will find dripping from you when the heat kicks in, but of course you just know that Summer is when the shelves will be stocked full of the products we no longer need! However for the winter season, Rimmel Instant Tan is always in my cupboard. I have seen it in Carrefour once, but never again! *STANDARD* So again.... Feel Unique is my saviour!
4. I literally have no idea how I have gone the majority of my life without this Moroccan Oil. Well if you happen to stumble across any of my pics from high school, I think it is obvious how I lived my life!  In Qatar with the added moisture in the air, this hair oil soothes, calms, de-frizzes and adds shine to my hair.  There are similar products available in Nazih and Glow, but I order mine from Feel Unique!
5. Soap & Glory "Sugar Crush" Body Scrub, available at Boots.  You could say I am fairly clumsy, and end up with scrapes and cuts all over my legs (how very attractive), this body scrub is a non invasive way to gently cleanse and refresh.  It smells amazing too!
6. And last but not least, Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop, to keep my skin hydrated, soft and smelling like a holiday!
There are many makeup products that I could NOT live without, but I think I shall leave the reviewing and tips to Helen, as she actually knows what she is talking about!

Much love,
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