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I love using Instagram to follow my favourite makeup artists work. It led me to come across Dana Bomar and Lora Arellano the owners of 'Melt Cosmetics'. Lora Arellano is one of the famous Rihanna's makeup artist and used melt 'DGAF' shade to create Rihanna's blue lip!

Check out Rihanna's blue lip! 

So I thought I'd waste no time and put an order in! The shades are regularly sold out but I managed to put an order in. I ordered Darling, Stupid Love, Bang Bang and Summer. 

They arrived in lovely packaging and a free little mirror shown above! The shipping to Doha took around 10 days which I was quite impressed with. At $19 (70QAR) a pop they aren't outrageously expensive... 

They are super matte and stay a long time! I only top mine up after eating! 

Darling - This lilacy pale pink is my favourite! Its pastel enough to pair with a dark smokey eye but still pops enough to wear alone as a stand out lipstick! 

This is me with my fave colour - 'Summer' on! 

Summer- This shade is a spring summer perfect shade! I love the full pigment in this lipstick! It can be slightly dry but the peachiness is great way for paler skin tones to pull off the bang on trend orange lip.

Bang Bang!- Bright orange colour rich shade is SO on trend for SS14! This shade can work well with the right look. I think this particular shade would look best with a pale skin with a yellow undertone. I have a pale pinky skin and feel I can only pull this off when i'm a bit more bronzed! 
DKNY - Orange lip on the catwalk.

Stupid love- This is SO bright but I have to say I love it! Harriet is notorious for her popping pink lips and this colour is right up her street! It is very drying so a balm is recommended before hand. 

I will update this blog with photos of me in all these shades! 

All in all Melt lipsticks are amazing for colour pop shades and they have so many outrageous shades I'm yet to try. They do have a cheap smell and can be so matte there drying- but team with a good balm for a matte look or add gloss for a shine! 

They do so many colours .. plus a green and a black! 
This is 'Blow' I personally love this outrageous shade!

You can order your melt lipsticks at -

Much love,
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