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I have been utterly addicted to lash extensions, but had only ever worn strip lashes for nights out.  Then I found out that Glow were offering individual lash extensions for QR500 and then QR250 for a top up.  I jumped at the chance to try them out.  3 years later, my eyes feel NAKED without lash enhancements, but the expense and time that it takes to have them done every 3 weeks, just put me off.  

Thennnn I found out how easy it is to do them by myself, and might I add.... at a 10th of the price! (I think that's right!)..... QR50 anyway!!  

I use Ardell lashes from Nazih, a pack of individual lashes will only set you back QR20, add a pot of glue into the mix for the same price, and you have yourself a little DIY project. There are other options available, you can also buy similar lashes from Karisma in City Center.

Pack of lashes, lash glue & tweezers! You will also need a mirror!
For an everyday look, depending on the length of your current lashes, I would recommend the medium or short lashes, as the longer ones can look a little spider like!  I do however like to add a few long ones for a night out!

1. With the tweezers take an eyelash from the pack and dip the end in a bit of glue.
2. With one hand pull your eyelid towards your eyebrow, so the underneath of your lashes is more visable.
3. Stick the lash to the underneath of your lashes starting in the corner of the eye.
4. Repeat across the eye.
1. If you buy the multi-pack, add longer lashes to the outer corner of the eye, and the short lashes close to the nose for a more realistic look!
2. For a less permanent option you can also use the tacky glue that comes with strip lashes! 
**Instant glamour for an everyday look!**
These lashes don't last as long as the professional individual lashes, so when the odd lash falls out, you will need to replace it. I feel they don't look quite as good as real lash extensions, so I'm giving it a 3/5!
My Review:

Have you tried these?  Where is your fave place to have you lashes done?  Would love to hear from you!

Much love,
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