The Question of the Septum

Not something you would usually associate with glamour, but that is exactly what Philipp Plein has done, he has incorporated the edgy septum piercing to punk up some pink.  
And the verdict?  I LOVE it! When this fashion emerged earlier in the year, it was something that I really wanted to get on board with, to funk up a look for a festival or rocker night out, but never had I imagined wearing it like this. Now; I want to wear it with a pretty dress, pink lips and cute heels. In fact just turn me into the Barbiesque model above and I shall be happy!
Still not convinced, what about following the trend of celebrities?  They have been sported on catwalks and on the likes of Gaga, RiRi & Johansson for a year. 

 I am not shy of a piercing or six, but a real hole in the middle of my nose is something I personally would not do.  Of course, in Qatar it is extremely difficult to find someone to pop a hole in your body, so why not jump on board with a fakey! They are available absolutely anywhere at the moment, check on Claire's Accessories, River Island and Topshop to name a few. Or you could always do a personal favourite of mine, and order online!
VidaKush is an absolute first place to start, they have so many colour and design options, the best online shop I have seen so far.  Check out more from their collection here.  
One of my favourite online accessories stores is Dixi, it is perfect for the boho/hippie look, they currently sell a few septum rings which is where I got mine from.  Check out their selection here. They also deliver worldwide, including Qatar, for free when you spend over £50.
Mine looks green but probably due to waaaaay too much editing @harrietdaisya
Another place that is always worth checking out for accessories is Etsy. I usually find that Etsy is a little overpriced, but on occasion you can often find some little gems.
 Much love,
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  1. Some people can pull this off. Not something I would try though.

    1. haha not sure I pull it off either, next step... wear it in public and hope not to be laughed at! x


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