I'm sure you have all played victim to the dreaded error message when online shopping. 
"Shipping not permitted to selected country!" 
 But ladies of Doha fear not. is stocked full of our beloved beauty essentials, that are difficult to obtain here in the desert, and that is not even the best part!  They deliver straight to your door. (Work place or home)
I recently met the owner of Beautepop and she was so sweet to offer Pearl & Peach an introductory gift card, I have taken sooo long to place an order as it is just so difficult to decide what to buy.  There are so many goodies, that you just CANNOT get here in Qatar.  For instance, try as I may I never manage to find M.A.C Heroine lipstick in any of the stores in the UAE never mind Qatar, but low and behold, you can get it on Amel's site. Beautepop has a massive thumbs up from me!  
Late in bed on Monday night I decided that this was the day that I absolutely must make use of the gift card, so i spent absolutely ages searching through the great range of products.  Below are just a sample of the products that I have found impossible to find in Qatar, made oh so easy by this fabulous site.
I narrowed down my choices and opted for:
Magnetic Lash Mascara
MAC Medium Concealer Set
Sigma Kabuki Brush
MAC Soar Lip Pencil
Tarte Brow Mousse in Medium Brown
Placing the products in the basket was easy, however; the check out I have to say I struggled with as part of it was in Arabic. Google translation to the rescue!
On completing the billing address, I was surprised to find (in a good way) that not only does Beautepop deliver to Doha, but actually delivers nationwide, so if you find yourself in the sticks of Qatar without your foundation, fear not ladies, beautepop to the rescue!
I selected a delivery time that worked for me, fell soundly to sleep and was woken by my vibrating phone bang on time for delivery the next day! 
I have to say, punctuality was not expected, but was very much appreciated!
Thank you Beautepop, the shopping experience was an absolute delight! I will be posting a review of the products that I purchased soon.
Much love,
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  1. wow that is just what we need here in the UK for when I am feeling particularly lazy!

    1. It is cool that it is specialised and that you can pay cash on delivery. But Alexandra, most online stores offer next day delivery haha! x

  2. Replies
    1. Sooo good Becky! You should defo try it for last min makeup emergencies! x


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