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There has been much hype around this restaurant and my boyfriend has been so excited to try it out.  We have ventured to the Crowne Plaza many a time eagerly wanting to feed our faces with meat.  However both attempts that we had previously made to go were on Saturdays, the only day the restaurant is not open, well more fool us really, so make sure you check your calendar if you fancy giving it a visit.  But this Friday we decided "today is the day" and got there to find it open!
We had made a booking and walked through what appeared to be the main doors where we were greeted by door men giving the impression we were about to walk into a rowdy night club, once inside the restaurant there did not appear to be any one to check our reservation and to seat us  #firstworldproblems right? 
The ambiance was pleasant, not too busy and a Brazilian band filled the air of the small restaurant; which featured a glass kitchen, surrounded by seating and a small salad station. We were advised this was the place to start and were informed of the "flip card system" which is the process of ordering more meat.

I was disappointed by the salad selection, as my mum had previously told me how much she rated it, but there was really very limited choice.  On return to the table the waitress brought us some delicious cheese bread, followed by a number of accompaniments for the table. I found myself constantly comparing the evening to the night at Ipanema, so far... the side dishes were the first positive.
  The meat waiter was lovely and approached our table to check our cards were in the "go" position, stating we were about to "crack it up a notch"!
Ali & I both noticed that the service was a little slow, there was not much meat on our plate at any given time, although this may be due to the fact that we were there the evening after a Friday brunch, so perhaps the restaurant was running low on meat supplies.  The food was not very flavoursome, even the cinnamon pineapple was not a hit, and really how hard is that to get wrong?

Feeling deflated and as though we could continue to feed our podgy little faces, we decided to leave with disappointment.  Another redeeming quality of the evening is that we had an Entertainer voucher, so it was buy one get one free. I would be less than impressed if we had had to pay full wack!

Sorry Rodizio you were just not for me!
Much love,
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  1. What a shame, I really enjoyed it last time I went. My husband did prefer Ipanema as well though.

    1. Ipanema is the one!! All day everyday!!! =) x


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