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 We spend lots of our free time exploring other peoples blogs, shopping and checking out the latest trends online. 

Living in Doha can be hard, especially when it comes to the latest fashion and beauty know hows.  We dedicate this blog to share some of the things that we love, and how you can get your hands on the latest trends in the desert.

Helen has a passion for beauty and make-up. She is a qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist and will be sharing her tips and reviewing products to give you an insight on what's available in Doha. 

Harriet has lived in the Middle East for over three years and enjoys designing bespoke garments, inspired by her travels and cultures around the world. So keep an eye out for blinging bikinis and flowing kimonos. 

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  1. Just curious; why is living in Doha hard when it comes to fashion and beauty? Because it's difficult to get your hands on the latest items or because there's too much to choose among? :)


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