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It is getting to that time of year again, where jeans are obsolete and minimal clothing is required!
+++conservatives avert your eyes+++ 
 Obviously in Qatar that can be quite challenging, but for certain events I feel little clothing is more than acceptable, especially for BBQ's or frolicking on a beach.
 I have become a little bit over obsessed with Mimi Elashiry, so anything she wears is good enough for mee, which is what led me to Pepper Mayo.  My torso is quite long, but I have found that Pepper Mayo playsuits are perfect, so no full frontal wedgies! After all the desert doesn't need any more camel toes! 
Here are a few of my faves at the moment from there! 

Get these little beauties above on Pre-Order!  Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute the melon playsuit is!
Melon Playsuit $55

Fashion Bunker is another Australian website that I have come across, and stock Finders Keepers which I have come to love.   Their items are very structured and remind me a bit of AQ/AQ. FSHN BNKR's prices are a little on the steep side, but just loooooook!  The blue Riptide playsuit by Keepsake is a verging... O.K definitely the daring side for the Islamic culture we live in, but its right on trend with the strapping detail around the bust.

Miss Guided have a lovely selection, with this seasons lace inserts, floral summery patterns and pastel colours. Below are a couple of my faves.

I shall be ordering many many more this summer!  Here is one I recently bought from Pepper Mayo.

Do you have any favourite sites selling outfits for summer fun?  Let us know!

Much love,
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