Ramadan at the Grand Hyatt

Pearl & Peach were invited to attend the launch of the Iftar tent at the Grant Hyatt Doha. With this being my first Iftar event I went with an open mind not really knowing what to expect. With Alex being away (I have yet to properly introduce my new co-blogger) I invited my housemate Bex to come along with me.

Bex sat in the lobby.
My 'five year's in the desert anniversary' is fast approaching, and I am not really sure how I have managed to get this far never noticing how the interiors in the hotels change. I was so pleasantly surprised walking through reception to find that the foyer had magically transformed into a setting reminiscent of Aladdin's hometown Agrabah. The decor was simply stunning. 

We were greeted in the entrance of the makeshift palace by staff offering us a variety of drinks, we then sat in the luxurious seating area for everyone to arrive, before being led into The Grill, where the buffet commenced. 

Look at those skewers <3 <3 

I wasn't really expecting such a variety of foods to be available, (there goes my theory of keeping an open mind) I assumed the majority of choices on offer would be traditional Arabian foods and mezzes, but boy was I wrong. The Iftar presented a selection of cuisines from the hotel's acclaimed restaurants, it more than met my expectations, it was simply delicious. A good job I had not had any dinner before attending. 
Thai Selection
The evening was filled with fun and laughter, it has been really lovely to attend all these blogger events lately, I am really starting to feel the 'blogging family' vibes! <3
Bex & I with the lovely Sarah from Ladie Sadies Emporium and her husband Matt
{Image Source: Sarah Derrig: Blogging ME}
The grill is hosting both Iftar and Sohour buffets for QR250, so if you have a special event coming up or you fancy treating yourself this Ramadan, make sure you book yourself in. Think a Friday Brunch, in a Palace, without alcohol and you have pictured the setting perfectly, it really was a wonderful evening that I am delighted to have been invited to, yet again, a huge thank you to the Grand Hyatt for having me. 
As always I stuffed my face with dessert. Ummali is my favvvvvve
A little outfit pic of the event. 
Cape Jacket: Lavish Alice | Body Suit: ASOS | Leggings: Zara | Shoes: Online Avenue
Remember to dress modestly during Ramadan to respect the culture!
Last but not least here is their number for bookings & inquiries: +974 44481253
Much love,
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