Current Playlist: June

So who else dreads the BIG question! "So what kind of music do you like?" 

Ahhh that is seriously my most hated question, followed closely by "What is your favourite movie?" I don't have any answers, I like a bit of everything! No no... I absolutely adore music, it is just a huge part of my life, which is why I have decided to update ya'll monthly on what I am listening to! 

1. Holding On - Disclosure
2.  Unstoppable - Lianne La Havas
3. Together - CAZETTE
4. Hole in My Heart - Luke Friend
5. Flashlight - Jessie J 
6. Pony (Jump On It) - Tough Love Ginuwine
7. Jason Derulo - Want to Want Me
8. Lean On - Major Lazer
9. Shut Up and Dance - WALK THE MOON
10. Rihanna - American Oxygen
Have you got anything you're loving right now? As always let me know!
Much love,
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  1. Lovely post, I love to see what kind of music people listen to :)


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