Pretty Little Palazzo Pants

Okay OBSESSION alert, I am absolutely crushing on Pretty Little Thing palazzo pants. First and foremost the selection vast, the biggest I ever did see, and let's face it, most importantly; their prices!  Load them up, stick them in my basket and away we go! 

I've already fallen in love with a pair I pre-ordered from In The Style, and ignoring the fact that most guys think you've forgotten to change out of your pj's, they are A-MAZING!  With the summer, I was going to say fast approaching, but let's face it the Doha heat has already arrived, they are so loose and breezy, why would you actually want to change out of them? I've had mine less that a week and already worn them more times than is acceptable!

So my mission to find more of these practical pants was on! Which led me Pretty Little Thing. 

These little beauties are my absolute favourite, so please don't steal them before I get paid! I'm a huge fan on the co-ord styling and these outfits incorporate a new twist to the trend. Get the trousers for QR115.

Also available as co-ords are the plain coloured pants which come in 21 different colours

And this trend doesn't restrict you to just trousers, how about some of these wide leg culottes and jumpsuits! Gorgeous!

I'm not a huge fan of the leopard print, but thought they might be someone else's style. 

I loooooove these floral prints, and the culotte jumpsuit is just adorable! 

Have you got any palazzo prints you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments below, tag us on Facebook or #pearlandpeach!

Much love,
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  1. Cute! I crave loose floaty trousers....but I have this ridiculous fear of them getting creased so I don't bother to wear them. The second I iron them and sit down in the car to work I just envisage creases galore!! Is this the case?!xx

    1. haha Holly you do make me chuckle. That is the thing with these pants, especially sweating your arse off its gonna result in creases. You'll just have to wear them when youve no plans to sit haha :) xx


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