Snack: Almond Butter

Almond Butter is a delicious and much healthier alternative to the beloved peanut butter. It is really handy to have in the fridge, and lasts absolutely ages!
With so many variations you will never get bored experimenting with this tasty snack!  

One large bag of Almonds, you can use any that you like, I opt for dry unsalted, but you can add a few honey roasted nuts in for extra flavour.
 Optional for extra taste: Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Powder, Olive Oil, Honey, Algave Syrup or anything else tasty you can think of.

This is so so easy, just pop your almonds into a food processor or blender, with any other ingredients you want to add.  It will turn into a gritty texture at first, which is almond meal, but scrape around the sides and continue to blend... There will come a point in time whilst doing making this that you will think the blending will never end, and you will ponder why you even wanted to make it, but fear not and continue to scrape around the sides and blend some more and then some more.  The whole process takes about 10 minutes, but eventually the texture will become creamy and smooth, and you will want to dig in with a spoon. 
Avoid doing this, pop the butter into a container and store in the fridge.

To Serve
Use as an alternative to Peanut Butter
Use as a spread or dip for apples, celery, carrots.... 
Add a dollop to a smoothie bowl
Much love,
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  1. Almond Butter looks delicious, a great healthy alternative! xx

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  2. So tasty I am addicted to the stuff ha! x


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