Jaula Spa: Grand Hyatt Doha

It seems as though we never leave the Grand Hyatt, and believe us we never want to!  We were invited to try a 60 minute spa treatment of our choice, so we eagerly booked in for a "couples" treatment at their Jaula Spa, Harriet opted for a massage, and Helen for a facial. 
Harriet arrived first (which makes for a change) and was escorted into a pool room to wait. She originally thought this is where the treatments were going to take place as there were a number of beds all laid out around the pool.  
Original Pool Room
But she was shortly escorted into a neighbouring treatment room and greeted with a refreshing cucumber & pineapple drink.  Whilst Harriet was getting changed, Helen then arrived.  We both popped on our uberly comfy dressing gowns and disposable panties and returned into the treatment room. 
Tasty Drinks
Dressing Room.
 Excuse the photo, but this dressing gown is the most comfortable thing you will ever try!

Dressing gown is like being swallowed by a cloud! 
The full body massage was absolutely perfect, very relaxing.  Harriet has had a couple of massages at cheaper places, and has noticed, lets say unusual practices, I am sure you have all had experiences like this in Qatar,  we don't need to go into further detail! But this was very above board.

Helen very much enjoyed her facial, although more of a facial massage than a resolution to problematic skin. She expected more cleaning of blackheads, so if you are in need of this kind of treatment, perhaps specify so that the therapist can customise the treatment for you. There are a number of options available, all listed on their website

Products used
 Once the treatments had finished, we both felt very relaxed and rejuvenated.  We were led back into the original room where we were seated and catered with tea, dates & nuts.

After relaxing some more, we then spent the rest of the afternoon in the Spa area, where we sat the jacuzzi, and multitude of saunas & steam rooms.  We would definitely recommend this whole experience, for those who can afford this on the regular, you are very lucky people.  But for special occasions, this would make a wonderful pamper day or gift for someone special. 
Two very happy customers!
All in all a very wonderful experience, thank you so much to the Grand Hyatt again for treating us very lucky ladies!
Much love,
 photo 1031a5c2-9c7c-453d-b319-b51cb791d932_zps313f1f30.png 
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  1. This looks lush. Jealous much?!

    1. Get yourself there for a special treat Becky! So worth it xx


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