Locks of Love Charity Event - Review

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend Locks of Love Charity event at the Grand Hyatt Doha hosted by Glow American Salon. 

The staff had made such an effort and all looked fantastic. They got in to the theme by wearing wacky wigs and spray painted their hair with pinks and purples with added colour extenion pieces. 

Clearly a lot of planning had gone into the day and everyone was working very hard in the make shift salon! They offered nail polish changes, hair cut and blow outs, and most importantly taking donations of hair that was long enough!
It was a huge event with hollywood style mirrors and decorated beautifully!
I went along with a couple of friends to get into the charity fund raising spirit. I had my nails painted which were done at such a high standard!
Getting my nails painted :)
Love love love this colour!

I chose Essie 'Velvet Voyeur'. It looks black but its more of a deep plum!

I then had a hair cut by the lovely Hayley! I didnt have enough hair to donate it but i went for a trim and some shape added so my hair would frame my face more! Hayley and all of the girls who work for glow were so friendly and professional, coping well under pressure on a busy day!

I was so pleased with the results! 

I then got the pleasure to talk to a few of the brave ladies who were donating there lovely long hair! They had had so many donations all day! The hair will then be made into wigs to go to children who have lost their own hair due to illness!
Jeniffer donated her long locks on the day!
The hair ready to be donated!
Jeniffer really suits the shorter style!

I also met Tessa who donated her hair! She said she had a pixie crop once before but was alot younger, going for such a change was very daring!

Tessa's hair ready for the chop!

Snip Snip!

Tessa's cool hair after the cut!

My friend Alexandria also had a hair cut! 

The energy of the event was fantastic. So many ladies donating and getting involved. 

I also had the pleasure to meet Glows owner Hillary Kozma! The staff all seemed chirpy and when speaking to them all they all loved living in Doha and loved their jobs, and with a manager like Hillary, I can understand why. 

All in all such a nice idea to raise money and also the awareness - not to let your hair go to waste! Any one who is considering a change, why not donate your hair to 'locks of love' charity. It does need to be over 10inchs and not bleached. 

You can book into Glow and they will be sure to donate your hair to the worthy cause!

We're eagerly waiting to hear how much money was raised in total!

See our directory on Glow by clicking here.

Also Harriet the "Pearl" part of Pearl and Peach was unable to attend :( . I missed her lots on the day and she was so sad not be there, next event we will be there together!

And to finish the post - a cheeky selfie from me rocking my new hair cut! 

Much love,
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  1. Thank you for coming, beauties at Pearl & Peach! x -Hillary

  2. I attended this event after I saw you posted about it! Amazing day - and lots of money raised!
    x Rebecca


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