In a bid to eat as much meat as possible, Ali & I decided on a dinner date at Ipanema. It was my first Brazilian meat-fest experience, and oh how I loved it! For QR290 it was a little on the pricey side, but would you expect to pay any less on a 5 star hotel all you can eat? Don't quote me, but there is a possibility that there is a two for one voucher in the entertainer!
Wasting no time, we headed to the salad bar, where there was a great choice of fresh greens, mixed salads and cheeses, soups, fruit and other sides.  When back at our table, we turned our cards firmly into the 'go' position and watched as the waiters eagerly flocked to our table in a hope to serve us their finest meats! Our favourite waiter James kept us fully loaded, and often brought round cinnamon coated pineapple to cleanse our pallet, then off we would go again inhaling more meat!
Cinnamon coated Pineapple
I didn't really have high hopes for "meat on a stick" but oh was I wrong, the selection of meats were absolutely delicious, so tender and tasty.  I have never seen so much choice; there were 15 different meats in rotation, with a gazillion choices of beef, spicy chicken, duck and lamb, and least appetizing to me... chicken hearts. (But you have to try these things don't you?)
There was absolutely no room for dessert, but there was a healthy selection if you could fit anything else in!
If you fancy attending Ipanema during the weekend, why not try out their Friday Brunch, where you can opt for the alcoholic version.  There would be absolutely no danger of "forgetting" to eat during this brunch!
Ali & our fave waiter James
I really enjoyed the evening; the staff were lovely and very informative of the food they were serving, the live band set the scene bringing a further South-American vibe to the restaurant, the dinner was very tasty and I would absolutely eat there again, and again!  Although a case of the meat sweats was apparent when leaving.  I would also advise against going to Ipanema on a first date, I know I would put someone off, scoffing my little piglet face for 2 hours!

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Have you been to Ipanema? Let us know what you think!
Much love,
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  1. How do you remain so thin yet eat so much?! Buffets here in the US make us all obese hah!

    1. haha there is a little thing known here as the "Doha Stone" it consumed everyone when they first arrive! =) x

  2. Replies
    1. So so tasty Helen! You have to go... take me again ha! x


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