Gia Ventola: S/S 2015

Ever since I saw my first Sex and the City all I have ever wanted to do is attend New York Fashion Week.  The extravagant clothes, the makeup, the runways... That just sounds like pure heaven to me!
Well.... a little dream come true, Pearl & Peach has been extremely lucky to be invited to the debut presentation for the "Whispered Beauty" Ready to wear & Gems 2015 collection by Gia Ventola... and where and when is it being held?  SoHo during NYFW! How very exciting for us... but where will Harriet & Helen of Pearl & Peach be, with no money for a plane ticket?.... Qatar!!  Go figure!! Maybe next year!
Fortunately for Pearl & Peach, we were sent a sneak preview of the collection, (so we don't have to miss out too much).  The line will be launched 24th October and fingers crossed, it will hopefully make its way across the ocean and be sold in Stylehouse, Qatar. If anyone can tell me where the heck Stylehouse is, I would very much appreciate it!!
The lovely Gia Ventola
So for those of you who don't know about Gia Marina Ventola, she dresses some of the most elite celebrities: Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Pink, Sheryl Crow to name a few, has her own line of hip jeans and loves dressing customers in her highfashion boutique in Peabody!
The teaser for the collection that we received describes the collection:

"It's the balance between shadows and harmonic unexpected shapes that sets the aura of tones that create an effortless, forever, elegance."
We absolutely have to a agree, so without further blabbering on from me, below are images* of the collection.... what do you think?



Much love,

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  1. Wow! Everything looks fabulous! Wonderful post!! Will you check out my blog? It would mean a lot to me if we followed each other, thanks xx

    1. I really do hope the collection comes to Qatar, it is really lovely. Not sure of how expensive the items will be, I suspect they will be out of my range ha! But one can always look and dream! I really love your blog, I'm following you on bloglovin'! xx


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